Ballista set on fintlock

does the ballista set affect ricochet’s damage? because I see that besides adding damage /yards, this set also allows for “knockback” the enemy, I’ve met several shooters such as Flasher as shooters with throw sword+knockbak, Nuique as shooters with burst+knockback, and Jin_Sange(before being banned) as shooters burst+knockback, the knockback effect is very pronounced, very different when compared to my build which uses Talen propulsion (40)
does anyone have experience with this?
thank you

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I think not since ricochet is now thrown weapon like sword, thou Im not sure about the knockback bonus from Balista.

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no, it wont affect Ricochet. Ricochet isn’t a thrown weapon. also, I’m thinking that Ballista only works for Warrior thrown weapon skills, as I have done some tests with Rogue Boomerang & Whirling Blades and didn’t see any increase in damage, either in PVE or when I got some help from the Test Dummy.


I’ve seen it affect knockback of things it shouldn’t have like Flintlock, Bow but no damage increase. Same with barrage, orb, storm. Thrown weapons some gained damage but others did not like yours. Throw Sword is the only one of a few that I’ve seen damage on. Hatchet/scalp as thrown weapons also count. My information is possibly outdated since it was with older versions.

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Thanks for the information sir