Ban without report

Is it possible to ban a player without a report to that account?

Hey! What do you mean? If we have found out the account has cheated (with or without a report in forum), it will get a ban.

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I see thanks I thought only the reported characters will be ban…but can you update those account who got ban and what is the reason? Because if there is report for those cheate hacker then do also a report about the ban characters/account

It’s maybe will be hard,because this game is offline and online, the data will saved in your phone first, and will saved to DQ database when you upload to cloud, so developer can’t know you cheating if you don’t upload, expect you have a rank in eternal or another league or leaderboard, maybe they can know :3. It’s just my think, correct me if im wrong.

In my point of view they must show the characters they banning and the reason why to let the players be aware to those cheaters
Fot example they will create a topic that posting those character got ban

We have multiple ways to detect when someone is cheating/exploiting or using tools to cheat, and are fairly certain when we flag. If someone feels they were improperly banned, they are always free to contact support :slight_smile:


Can you create a topic for it? Show the players you ban and the reason why?

If anything we would message the players directly, but we don’t have the system in place for that yet. We wouldnt create a thread for it.

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