Band aid build

This is my current build(?)
No name bc it does not make any sense

Skullshield is the main dmg dealer

should i remove discordance? Since i do not use any mh skill

I want to remove cv and change to another set affix, should i do it?


Take a look at some of the other builds on forums! Personally I love anything with crushing blow/flames in pve for climbing.

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nice build
shock+fire is also good combination
and shock+frozen
what floor are you now?

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Omw to 800 m3


I was once inspired by the orb reactor build (dama dama) but orb got nerfed

3.0 update fire dominate for fast hiking. You have hireling or solo player?

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Solo. Will buy another slot for hireling though


yup better to have one hireling to gain max farm build and max damage.
change the CV to crushing flames and 20% crushing blow for fast killing make fire element in the OH

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recommend for testing to get another one OH to test your new build OH with crushing flames so your original build will not change.

Did, and tried it.

Idk if it is just because i am at under a thousand floors but it seems that enemies die slower from crushing flames. Added crushing blow to mh

So changed it and got demonic…

One last question, if i remove discordance, will it affect my skull dmg?

Nope, check description it works only on MH

And if u are going to use crushing flames change ur element to fire and also u can remove affixes such as adventurer and momentum since it doesnt affect crushing blow dmg. Also angelic is kinda pointless :stuck_out_tongue:

Just figured out that mythics cant be removed…

I need now to craft a lot of jouster’s horn… :joy:

I am not using crushing blow, for now.

Maybe will start a new build with that. I just need to farm dust again :smiley:

Made another one, and since my bonus mana from cv is lost, just replaced the mythic slot for flat mp

Thank you all for responding :smile:

you dont need billions of damage in that floor as long as you can kill monster quick and easily, you can see billion of damage with your build when you are floor 1.5k above. I observe with my build i deal billion damage in 3.5k but when i go to floor 600 my damage is only 100m-300m but the monster get 1 hit so if you can go as high as 800 you can deal much damage also.

Highest damage i seen from my wiz as of now is 4B at floor 792

I guess i will try to make the crushing flames build that i saw the last time