@luisfsk just got the top 2 position because of me…everytime i battle with him…i click ff/forfiet for knowing that my rogue has no chance on him.
This question just popped up on my mind…
why do i encounter luis in div 1 even he is not there?:neutral_face::expressionless:


MMR and rotations, is like a circle, you face X player and T player, and Y player, you winning all the time so, they MMR drop and get close to MMR of @Luisfsk, that automaticly put hem in the circle to, and if you lose to hem 1 time he will get mmr and go highter, and the other players in the circle go down again, let’s say 5 more rotations in the circle, you have like 1900 mmr, and luisfsk have 1680, and other guys that you face have 1800+, rotate 5 times you give more mmr to luisfsk that you can win whid thos guys becouse you are higher them hem so you drop more and win less mmr points, what you need to do is, have some luck whid luisfsk mmr and some times lose for the right player that is close to mmr of the luisfsk that will get hem aut of your circle and you can win!


I dont think if that’s true but…that’s possible…mabye it’s the time for me to use different class…warrior or wizard…i think😁


I play this game for 3 years dude, i have test this.


have you ever reached top 1 ? :sweat_smile:


Lol. Thats why i prefer to use my immo type.:joy::joy: And yea… Immo builds can easy defeat @luisfsk barrage.:sunglasses::ok_hand:


i think theres no immo build😅
every build has a weakness.:blush:


Oh yea… I forgot.:sweat_smile: How about High dmg reduction or HDR for short.:slight_smile:


Your rogue “will of the force build” ? He can easily beat @luisfsk


My crazy low damage but high unpredictability builds have no chance in eternal league