Barrels and chests

Why do they have so much freaking damage? I’m at floor 260+ and whenever I break a barrel I get over 9 k dmg, enough to make 2 skulls disappear.
Even epic / legend monsters don’t do that much. They have @ 3k. That’s triple. Really?
I mean, what do they have inside? Friggin’ nukes?
If I wouldn’t have armour and resists i’m pretty sure they could kill me.
They shouldn’t even do damage, it’s enough the skyfall and the monsters that drop from the sky.

breakables do the same damage as monsters, with the same damage range. some maps have damage boost, called TNT, for the breakables, so they do even more damage. just like if there was a damage boost for the monsters. eventually they will one shot you like a monster would, so Dodge, Block, and Sanctuary combinations are better than HP, damage resistance, and armor combinations the higher you go. on Normal and Challenge Maps, the Breakables that are Trapped and that can damage you is random, but on TNT maps, it is all of them. using Larimar Crystal can change the affixes on Maps. umm, for example, on a Poison Map, the Traps are Poison Gas (think Toxic). they are random, I think it is maybe 10% to 25% of them? on TNT maps, the Traps are still random, but all Breakables will explode for the Maps Element in damage when you break them.

Now that explains it…
It would be better for me if they could spawn enslavers or some rare + enemies.

hmm, well, when you look at Challenge Maps, there is a chance to have more Magic, Rare, or Epic monsters than usual. in the Codex, there is a list of Affixes that are found on Challenge Maps. also, there is a list of Monster Affixes. so Challenge Maps can have from 1-6 Affixes, to make them more challenging. and on Normal Maps (1-200) or Challenge Maps of any level, Monsters can have from 0-6 affixes. the higher the tier of the Monster, the more affixes it might have. there is a map affix that gives all monsters in the Challenge Map +1-2 affixes. so even the weakest monster would have 1-2 affixes automatically. on top of any other map affixes. also, if you have the Nadroji Bonus, that is a +100% chance for Magic or Rare Enemies to spawn. you can really see the difference if you have the Nadroji Bonus on your Equipment, and a Challenge Map with 100%-150% Pack Size and either or both +Magic (+200% cap) and Rare (+500% cap) monsters. Epic Monster get +1-4 (might be +1-5, but I don’t think I have seen a 5 yet) extra Guards for the Cartographer. better experience and loot, but a bigger challenge and more danger.

Thats why i like my warrior with wrath. Trips barrels and chests with tnt before accidentaly tripping them yourself.:smirk:

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I just Larimar them away. I don’t mind them too much with 1 Toon, but with a Hireling, doesn’t know how to stay out of trouble.

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The hireling is a problem for me too. He even goes alone to search for enemies and fight, with following at 1 yard.:thinking: Guess I have chuck norris as partner.

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I have been running with a Hireling lately, and my Hireling likes to get in trouble. it’s like my Hireling has no fear of monster mobs, or breakables that could kill him. right now my Hireling has Sanctuary and 30% Dodge, but I am Ascending him on floor 110. on higher floors (500-800), his rate of death goes up. when I do a proper Main/Hireling Farm Build, Hireling is going to have 60% Dodge and 45% Block (what my Main has) and Sanctuary (because the A.I. setting doesn’t always keep my Hireling out of trouble).
to be honest, I don’t know whether my Hireling is Fearless or a Fool.

In my case my hireling is a wiz with frozen orb-reactor and my main is warrior with wrath+sprint+taunt. I always sprint ahead of him to trip tnts and taunt+freeze enemies so he won’t stupidly step one of them or find his own target. The thing that would piss me off is when “zombie” enemies spawn and my hireling has his target fixed on them while i’m barely keeping enemy mobs frozen.:triumph:

I end up going to a different part of the map so the Hireling will follow instead of fighting Zombies. but I have had maps with + movement speed or teleport for the monsters, and they follow you everywhere. very hard to get rid of.

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What I observed is when your hireling is way behind you killing enemies and you didn’t see those enemies die (on screen), it’s likely they will turn “zombie mode” so I try to wait for my hireling as much as possible. :unamused:

It’s better to go yourself to kill them.