Basic questions about the Pets

Hello friend! as do you realize i’m new… so i have these questions, i want a pet but I don’t know what pet take.

  1. Which is the best pet ?

  2. What is the difference between the four pet species? (Hound, Imp, Fairy, Slime)

  3. Which mascot is best for the Warrior, Wizard, and Rouge?

  4. Which bonus is better have on the pet?

  1. All are great. Depends on you

(Hound)loots gold
(Imp)takes low rarity item and turns it to Good one
(Fairy)this nigga heals
(Slime) gives elemental damage boost and resist

  1. All same. It will only matter on the set affix and epic affixes

4 . 10000hp +5000ED luck% armor% for me since I’m a arena freakkk.O.o

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I take the Slime is very funny and cute its looks like a small piece of shit xDDD

At this moment I chose one with bonus “pvm” with percentage of absorption of MP and HP

poor misunderstood :poop: slime