Battle Arena Character Edittors and MoD Users

Before anything else Im from Philippines. But it is really hard to think that my own fellow countrymen destroying Battle Arena…
Its a Shame for me but Most Online or offline games… Filipinos are the best Cheaters :crying_cat_face:
For just $1.5 dollars??? Really?? They will make an account and they will edit it like IMBAs!!! I saw their page in Facebook and join their Page once thats why I know this @(&"(#-#($ thing…:joy_cat: . I hate to say but some of the non - cheaters cant go in high League because of the walls that they will face…

Just today I face in 2 v 2 a Rogue and Warrior that can deal massive Deadly Strike… What can you say if you’ve been hit by 73k crit thrice? Come on… I dont have screenshot. But if you face them you will just Amazed how perfect their pets affixes are… By the way their IGN Lollipop and GodsStrenght…

@Refia, @SteigerBox, @tdaniel. If you have time please .:joy_cat: Make this BA edittors Kick their Ass :joy_cat:

Im just new here in DungeonQuest game but @marwinberna i believe your pet will be perfect roll once the pet reach level 100.

Eternal Pets with Perfect Affix for their build.
Total HP - 50%
ED - 10000
Total Armor%, - 50%
Bleed DMG% - 100%
Luck% - 150%

Hey:).Im from Philiphines to…Well i have a perfect roll pet.ED 10000
ED 40%
And Guideshot +10.And the of the affix.I dont remember it.Well im proud that its not a cheat.Some are really lucky and some are not…

perfect pet affix = perfect affixes no junk affix, all usable.
thats what he meant

This Post is Sad but true.

For me its ok if I lose many times in Arena IF… I fought with Kairou, f00kee , Griffin and some vets… But if lose many times on cheaters its not fair at all… You farm so hard like you dont want to sleep, you practice so hard like you own the Arena, and you fight so hard for the victory but still when you face MoD and Edit Characters, your chance to win is 30/100…

I can relate :unamused: . Meepawn was a big wall to me when I tried to stay no1 consistently in the past at eternal league. He just blinked like way too fast to keep up qnd dealt huge dmg as well as huge hp. I thought he was just really good and I had no idea he was cheater until some fellas told me. I felt annoyed that the one opponent that was so challenging,apart from clogon/emman, was a cheater who blinked at an impossible rate and almost impossible hp to match with huge dps. This was when hp was at 5000 max (1040 in arena I think).
Lets be honest, no one likes cheaters who ruin the fun for everyone or make things impossible due to something not supposed to happen in-game.