Battle arena guide

Although I think it’s awesome that the development teams characters have their ai dailed in to perfection, a guide or screenshots of how this defensive pvp thing works would help us new people out greatly. I spent 2 hours playing in the 2v2 arena and my ai still acts like a drunk beaver chewing on a power line.

Just a suggestion. :smile:

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Hey! Once I have time, I will write a wiki article about it.

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Try experimenting your AI Settings, there you can adjust all the actions specially the skills that you want it suppose to use and how will it act to the enemy.

  • Example: If your using a bow type/pistol rogue you can set your AI to avoid the enemy on a certain distance. You can also set the distance when your AI will start to attack based on how your weapon will reach the enemy. This will also help the AI to save its Stamina, if you had noticed some enemy just start pounding attack even your not attacking and they’ve already used-up their stamina, it is because they were not set properly.