Battle Arena Showdown: Anti-Immortal vs The King of Immortals

Every Division 1 player is having trouble taking down @Mr_Scooty’s Mule lately. Other immortals tried but they fell. The mighty Jhoymel did win with his trusty bloodthirsty rogue, but he also admitted having difficulty.

However, no one thought of using the anti-immortal craft against the enraged Black_Magic(or so I think).

The craft I used in these matches is heavily based on:

So, how does it fare against the king of the immortals?

1st Match

2nd Match

3rd Match

4th Match

5th Match

*Oops. wrong character pick… I lost by default…

6th Match

7th Match

8th Match

*Oops. Wrong character again… I lost by default

9th Match

The barrage craft still rocks!!!

Credits to:
@Mr_Scooty for generously providing the Anti-Immortal platform for everyone

@Tokiba for answering one of my early questions regarding barrage craft. Please do not abandon your anti-immortal.

@HawkEye for challenging me to come to top.
(I can’t for the meantime bro. TCC_✌ for you when you play again)

@kiane_zaine and my other friends for answering my querries.

Like what @kiane_zaine and @brang experienced Black_Magic is too fast and unpredictable - a teleporting heavy battle tank, I guess.

The Anti-Immortal Craft is still viable for top gameplay. I am challenging every barrage craft users to come up with a barrage craft that can completely stop ANY build on its tracks!

Now let’s go get our guns!


Have you tried to look at my post a couple of days ago? About the build that can take down any immortal character? Hehe


@NUIQUE that is outstanding. The anti-craft is published so players can win or lose in a few seconds and not allow the damage reduction crafts ruin the arena for everyone. It is a very viable craft and everyone has access on how to craft it. Now push to top spot! :clap::clap:


@thunderbringer that is a great craft you use in the arena. :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Ahh. Yes the storm burst build. I am quite impressed by your craft. :clap::clap:. Also, say hi to your brother Zenchan for me. Haha.

Storm twins jumping around the arena and surprising everybody.:man_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling:


I can’t push it to the top for now. The closest I had was ~2032 vs. your 2067. I will come back to the 1v1 though. They are shooting me down again😂. But nice. Thanks very much.

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I use manashield with ricochet ( the anti immortal element. ). Started to use vault and ambush to spawn traps ( rather than traps as a skill ) . Storm is a must with me and summons. I keep the permafrost bonus as it’s very handy. Doing quite well in arenas. I balance defence and critical. Still tweaking.


Defence wise I squeeze a few hp points out of blood magic and use block and dodge. Everything else is speed and damage.


Woaahh… my barrage getting old… because never play at arena. Cannot kill immortal anymore… ahahaha


congratz! now if you can just get Harry Potter into the Arena, or maybe Gandalf…


Now when I say I use bloodmagic to squeeze hp into a build it’s truly shocking. About 5000 hp in arena.A simple chrystalline armour affix helps slightly. Block and dodge means you avoid damage at all . However the quicker your opponent attacks are then the quicker your advantage is lost.


So the choice is very simple. Go for an immortal ( high defense build ) or anti immortal ( high damage build ). Or just steal from both :star_struck:


@dickwad. Go for at least one of them.:upside_down_face:


I think @dickwad has one of both and a hybrid made from both…he like messing with people in Battle Arena. :wink:




This hybrid character is being crafted affix by affix. So not the final version


Her pet has been changed to this

bad wolf ( who remains unchanged and sneaky ) uses this


I will try an enigma off hand. Maybe with arc chance. Obviously the other stats will be similar.

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