Best builds for high maps?

Im looking for builds for floors 250+ ep 8. Im currently playing a twister wizard but im dying quite often. Im interested in warrior builds aswell tho.

Thanks in advance.

If u’re playing a twister wizard, it’s obvious that you’re dying often
Wizards are weak but the kind of wizards with the best survivability are the ones using teleport

Warrior are easier to get tanky with their talents/affixes

Oh thanks. I see. Ive looked up the last 10 forum pages but didnt see alot of guides(neither in the guide section). The only guides seem to be dps based. Is there anything im overlooking? Or can yiu give me tipps on what stats to roll and which weapon to use? I want to do alot of damage but i wanne grind up to 400+ maps. I love the game.

Frostbite gauntlet (forgot the name), Spellbinder (bracer), Cosmic Power Robe and Helm, Frigid Sigil (Ring), and Nadroji amulet.

najrodhi in general is so rare ffs. anyone noticed a higher drop rate on specific floors? :S

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Hey diieter i came across your tekeport build. Is it still up to date in terms of what stats to roll etc?

umm, actually I just wear my luckiest gears and go to farm ignis on EP1. I got two from him already, nadroji crystal, one with reclaim and the other with mastery.

alright, thank you mate. going to try it soon that way.

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Well, long time haven’t used it, cause I went into twister build as soon as i tested it but …
I’m crafting my own stuff, meaning every epic gear, getting the 6 epic affixes that I want, then rerolling them until getting max on every affixes (take ages)
But you’ve to add 1 or 2 legend item with interesting affixes like : the EventHorizon (orb) / frigil Sigil (ring) / astral communion (helm)

Anyway you’ve to think about the best combinaison of items, trying to get the affixes maxxed the most you can (max crit dmg, max crit chance, etc) and base your stuff on an element, for now the 2 best elements are : Ice & Poison
Because you can go frostbite, which is overpowered on Ice
And Poison got some talents on gears like “plague” and “toxicity”, but I asked to Steiger if they could count for every elements, making it more balanced :smile:

Can’t tell you the best comp, u’ve to think about it yourself and make some tries :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply. I already crafted a few items dir my twister build so i know how that works. I also have the legends you meantioned. I just want to try a build with more surv. I wouldnt mind rolling a few items for it. The thing is im relativly new to the game even tho im level 99. And i dont wanne pend hours on crafting without knowing which stats would be perfect for the build. And theres only a limuted number of posted builds here. But i guess ill come up with something. I have no idea where to begin when it comes down to warriors. Thw only builds i see are extrem high dps onces. But i also wannw be able to survive.

Can’t help you with warriors, i just made a tanky warrior with stuff found through leveling but I didn’t craft any piece, or thought about how to make a good warrior, that’s kinda random

I made several builds as wizard and I kept only 2 of them :

  • twister stuff (with bracer)
  • teleport stuff (with orb)

But never tried teleport/twister hybrid stuff, maybe it can be the most viable stuff to survive/dps

About the builds, I think most people are trying to copy m@ssey or mine, either the others are doing their own stuff and don’t wanna share them, but tbh I spent pretty much time on legendex, thinking what items to mix to get the best build possible, so did M@ssey, so copying his stuff will bring you one of the best build possible atm :smile:

Alright thanks. I actually looked up his posts and i cant recall a warrior build excepr a high dps one. I guess ill try tp come up with ny der qb stuff. Also does your teleport build alir of danage (compared to twister). And is dodge rating good combined with prolly no getting hit cause of teleport? Would you mind linking a warrior build of m@ssey? Also thanks! :smiley:

Dunno if m@ssey made a warrior guide, but he told me he was playing warriors too, ask him in PM :wink:

Teleport ain’t as strong as twister, but at least you can’t get touched by any meteor, and you can avoid most of attacks, that’s why it’s interesting!
And it’s better to farm in the lower floors, even more with magnify + aoe range (you can reach +200% aoe or more with that ehe, and get powerfull teleport with the affixe teleport +4 on each pieces)

I would recommand you to make several stuffs :smile:

Thanks alot. I PM’d him!

For me high dps is not base on fast killing enemies

Crushing blow + block…

Reflect made build is nice :stuck_out_tongue: i got 2850% reflect on my warrior (still in development a few legends still need xD)

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Sounds epic :open_mouth:

Sounds epic :open_mouth:[/quote]
Its epic xD

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Would be niice having a video of this build :wink: