Best defensive skills

Whats the best way of stun/stealth/CC enemys so u can go high floors without getting Dmg on a rouge build ?

40 heropoints in stealth, 60% cdr -> 5 seconds stealth, 4 seconds cooldown, so you cant die in theory

As long as you avoid the things that bypass stealth, yeah.

what can bypass stealth? @Clogon :flushed:

spam the skill haha

Restoring health with masochism set on the char, my rouge hireling likes to die to pools and cartochests because of that

so no mobskills/attacks right ?


i think lvl 35 stealth is already enough to survive w/ 60% cd … im currently using lvl 30 stealth only w/ 60% cd i rarely die in higher floors … if u dont have want cd reduc. u can use deadly arts affix ( chance to reset cd all skills upon procing deadly strike) despite of its low % chance it really activate well

its up to you what u prefer

Monster skills will bypass stealth.

Skills mean things like explosive? Because these dont bypass for me

Try standing on Haunting, Freezing and Bewildering. Exploding and Elemental do not bypass Stealth.

Also Skyfall and TnT not bypassing Stealth is a bug but dunno when it will be fixed.

They dont damage my hireling but their effects ,like fear, are applied