Best difficulty to start

Can someone tell me whats the best difficulty to start?

Very Easy, and then go to higher ones when you are able.


I agree . Start very easy when climbing floors till it’s hard then drop floor level say by 100 but raise difficulty.

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Thank you

Very easy until u get decent build… and u can try it to m3

when I was a Beginner, although I started on Easy, I tried out my adventuring on M3, just because everyone in the Forums kept saying how cool it was! I didn’t know much about DQ, so I ended up getting stuck around floor 30-40, couldn’t get past an Act Boss. so went to Very Easy and played there until I learned enough to start working on getting all 6 Perks and being able to defeat the Act 200 Boss on M3.

If you climb to floor 500 on very easy you will drop enough gear to raise your difficulty successfully. Although in truth I just climbed to floor 200 plus then increasing the difficulty but starting at floor 100 and so on. I got to mythic 3 1500 and though stuff that :sunglasses: