Best Eternal Items

So we all know eternal items more often than not is useless since all the affixes is fixed and not flexible except for some small parts (e.g. nature, sockets, fabled items, etc).

I’m still trying to find ways to incorporate eternal items into my build and play style though, that’s the reason why I created this thread in the first place, to get some insights and ideas from other players :grinning:

Since most of my eternal items dumped into conversion :joy:

This is the current eternal items that I used in PvE:

With this two items, procs happened like crazy and did decent damages as well.
Combined with set Maelstrom and Identity to increase the damage, and taunt proc as well to suck all monsters into their oblivion :joy:

So, do you have any eternal items that you considered the best and why ?
Can be for PvP or PvE, farming or hiking.

I think those are the best eternal items possible to get. I think unreal hood and fabled staff eternal can also be good if you pick the right mythic and be lucky.

I think obsidian blade is pretty hard to get as a legend. But what do you think if it was a eternal legend?