Best single hit in battle arena = 1.23M


i like olympian build. . of my own . just read a codex carefully and repeat and think about the affix before you put into your gear. theres a trick how to make it perfectly to saved slots


olympian vs all kids of build ( ai ) = OLYMPIAN WINS.
dont know if barrage ai wins :roll_eyes:



Or if an opponent does not have full health then sureshot wouldn’t activate.
No Crit—>No Deadly—>Less Damage


I have No plans to place it in the arena… Like i stated before, I do not want to give anything away. I have to be careful if i test it since the copy ninjas are always waiting.


was this against bots?


It is versus an Eternal Division 1 opponent, is that your question?


I see


@Mr_Scooty love the video :arrow_up:. :eyes: :spy: :telescope: :satellite: :satellite_orbital:.


sureshot mythic will always crit on full hp opponents.
maybe his basic damage would be 1/6 of the sureshot damage(assuming max crit on pvp)


More interested in @Darkrai06 's build now.


Can i see your battle log stats :slight_smile: the total power you have :slight_smile: nice