Best single hit in battle arena = 1.60M


Immortal craft took a lot of resources, analysis, testing and time. The craft above was just something I thought of yesterday and decided to test - it is far easier to build.


builds like that require lots of guts and no fear. I love the damage comparison between the original post and Mr_Scooty just something I thought of yesterday build. :laughing: x 100. I have had a few rare 20k-30k deadly strikes, so a build like this encourages me to think of something that can do way better than my farm PVP build.


I made a slight change to the craft. Game on now folks.

877K Strike

1.23M Strike

1.23M Strike

Holy crit!

I attempted to get into 100 battles in the Arena (joke), but no opponents were found. so I decided to go to the DQ Forums to get some help, and then I see this post. it seems like every one has left the Arena in fear of meeting @Mr_Scooty just something I thought of yesterday build.
it would seem as though the Era of Immortals has ended and the Era of Olympians has begun.
I can’t help but wonder, just how high will the Olympian Deadly Damage go? I guess I’ll have to find the courage to reenter the Arena and find out by confronting Mr_Scooty’s Olympian Build.
also, I wonder if any of the original Immortals will rise up to the challenge brought on by the rise of the Olympians?


I removed the Olympian build after the last test. I did not want to give away any details of the craft. My immortal build would not last 1 second versus this new build. The intent is to show builds like this are possible in the arena.


well, for sure, there are many players who will lose sleep trying to get even half of the damage you posted. and I noticed you won the battles with Barrage from a Wand. that greatly amused me. :smirk_cat:


wow this is a game changer. then the battle arena will be in wild again


the only thing that im sure about this build is BARRAGE WAND and SURESHOT XD


@Mr_Scooty dude you left us with jelaousity and awe again. It feels like you invented nuclear bomb and then invented an anti nuclear shield for it. I would call you einstein of the dungeon quest.I truly do…


Thank you @mylifeisfunny that is an awesome compliment. Immortal and Olympian gifs below.


Olympian Vs Immortal


How even ?!?



Sorry but I am not going to tell anyone. I have removed all traces of Olympian from arena.

@Golem I like the Olympian name. It’s cool that we create the builds and other players get to name them.


hahaha. nan a nana boo boo


Damn, i thought i was doing good with this. Back to the drawing board.


@Mr_Scooty well, I used Google synonyms, and Olympian looked like a step up from Eternal. kind of like, the Determined Players make it to the Eternal ranks, but few Eternal Players have the perseverance, tenacity, and resolve to become an Olympian Champion of the Arena.


Occasionally I do epic damage in pvp. Haven’t a clue what I’ve done. That’s the fun


That’s great @Indy your damage is outstanding!! :+1:

Awesome word selection and great description of your thought process @Golem :smiley:

@dickwad you are having a good time and enjoying the many aspects of the game. :yum:


@Mr_Scooty is awakening from winter hibernation.

Spring is coming!


Mr.scooty you r the best . and still your the strongest ai in arena !!


Yes @ObiWanKenobi I have hibernated for a few months now. Will see where it takes me. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the amazing compliment @ZARAKI