Best single hit in battle arena = 1.60M


is there a bug or something to reach the million damage in pvp? just figuring out how its done. and it seem impossible to reach that massive damage :dizzy_face:


No bug or exploit. :+1:


That’s mine. It’s on the dummy, though.


I give up ;(


If you use your brain you will solve both immortal and olympian dudes. Just think and put it on your logic. That all the help i can give you


No screenshot but the highest I’ve hit so far is 75k with arc (non-crit/deadly) and that’s on someone with 600k+ hp in arena…though this person certainly helped me realize how much dmg I can do lol


I can tell you but i wont becuz if u dont figure it yourself you wont enjoy it at all :)) knowledge is power but it has a price => your money +your time+your efforts…


@Darkrai06 take your craft to Eternal Division 1 and try it against those critters - they hit back. :+1:

@mylifeisfunny what does this have to do with money? Time and effort = yes.

Don’t give up @_SpectralKnight


Dude that’s insane DMG output, gonna be hard for warrior build like me in PvP, coz warrior is a close combat :unamused:


in the Beginning, the Developers created Dungeon Quest. and the players were happy.
then the Developers created the Arena, and the players were excited about fighting other players in the Arena.
first, the players created the Arena Builds, and the fight was on.
in a short time, the Immortal Builds showed up in the Arena, and the players were amazed and challenged.
much time has passed, and many players have reached out and grabbed Immortality for themselves.
but out of the Depths of Dungeon Quest, a new Power has arisen, the Olympian Build!
the question now is, is the Olympian Build the farthest any one can rise? or is there an Asgardian Build that the Olympians need to be wary of?


@Golem i thought only 4 people have the immortal build. Are there more people? — @Mr_Scooty my good mod i meant that if people want to enjoy these builds all together they need more character slots. So they should pay a fair price to make these builds on all classes and have fun.thats all :slight_smile: (3 immortals or olympians are better than 1 am i wrong?)


well, I believe that there are only 3 or 4 True Immortal builds, but for those who have defeated them, even if you don’t consider them to have Immortal builds, the act of defeating an Immortal build raises them to a kind of Immortality. the Immortal builds were carefully crafted just to see what was possible, and ended up being walls that need to be climbed to reach the top 3 in the Eternal League. you almost end up making an Immortal kind of build just to defeat them. this was the thinking behind what I wrote earlier.


Ahh yes @mylifeisfunny always reward your developers for a job well done! Character slots will help immensely! I started with Wizard and purchased Rogue slot shortly after she was released. It is very nice to have another character to play PvE and PvP also. I can’t tell you how many times I was excited to get into an arena brawl but I would accidently bring my farming build because I forgot to change all the gears- not a good outcome :face_with_head_bandage::facepunch::dizzy_face:. This is a superb game with a ton of depth. The combination possibilities between the classes is crazy.


Well i dont have the print but stormbolt, warrior wid 600k, i stack pure 80k bleed per second, but if is op damage it waz my rogue whid 137k deadly crit whid skulldraga:)


that’s as much damage as I can figure out how to pack into barrage and that still only equates to 30k a hit in PvP which is nothing when everyone else has 700k+ HP and crazy regen :frowning:


Added epiphany bonus, still dealing negligible damage in arena tho. :cry:


Try cosmic power+blood magic+timewarp+defiant+electrocution with the brutal mythic and use +300% ED with 200% WD on your MH.


You are a tryhard dude


I was just trying to help…what’s wrong with that?


discordance :slight_smile: