Best single hit in battle arena = 1.60M


Nothing wrong but if you figure it you will publish it and a 1000 like you will build the same olympian build and wreck the balance of the arena. That i fear so much so if you figure it keep it secret


No worries @mylifeisfunny I have seen nothing posted so far that causes any concern. Maybe there needs to be a paradigm shift in arena anyway?


How about living force? Since barrage is a projectile…


okay here is a question… In eternal arena barrage does not have the distance required to make it past campers and for all the people various/teleporting around, they hit before a barrage manages to hit them even using extra attacks and high attack speed. How are you even managing to have it hit first?


@Phreak that is the power of the Olympian Build. :smirk:
@_SpectralKnight Living Force seems to shorten the distance the projectile travels, at least it seems that way when it returns. when I was using it with Comet, the Comet seemed to not travel as far when using it with Living Force. if that is true, unless you can survive getting close enough to a target in PVP, and then wait for the extra damage when the projectile returns…


Getting them right on the edge of the return distance helps and doubled my damage to around 50k per hit but yea I noticed it does seem to shorten it and that in turn meant I died more lol


:laughing: yes, I noticed that myself in PVP, but I have been thinking of ways to use Living Force in PVP to get wins instead of losses, but I haven’t built anything that way yet, but it is still on my mind until I actually try it.


i use living force with scalp+cosmicorb for dps. it actually works well on pvp


I used Living Force with Scalp in both PVE & PVP, works nice.


I still cant get past eternal league 4th division


Mr cuzeg why did your post got flagged you ard not toxic at all…?!


He removed his own post. No one flagged it. I remove my own posts sometimes also. No biggie.



I hate it when aliens do that… :smile:


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Is that a problem? I thought i didn’t make a meaningful post.


@Mr_Scooty whats that deadly in your crit? are those deadly strike? Sorry I’m nood hehe


Yes, deadly means deadly strike.




So it means if I have 350% Crit damage and then the effect of the deadly strike triggers, then the total crit damage would be 700% crit damage am I right ? :slight_smile: