Best single hit in battle arena = 1.60M


and if u boost your dmg with disordance … you will be pumped up :slight_smile:


Yes with Deadly strike in normal circumstances. With brutal, it would be 350%*3= 1050% crit dmg in PvE.

In PvP, deadly strike cap is 24% and crit dmg cap is 140%. 140%*2= 280% crit on deadly. If brutal Mythic, well 140%*3= 420% more dmg than non crit dmg.


also, there is a hidden 50% crit damage not shown on stat page as part of the cap. so if you had cap 350%, you would actually have +400% crit damage. so if you did 1,000 damage and crit, it would be 5,000, with deadly strike = 10,000, with deadly strike + Brutal Mythic = 15,000 damage.
@mylifeisfunny Discordance doesn’t boost damage. it only swaps your Primary and Special skills of your MH weapon. lets take a look at the Staff. Comet and Meteor. Comet does 100% damage, and you can use affixes like multi attack and extra attack chance on it. Meteor does 750% damage, and you can’t use MA and EAC on it. also, Meteor costs about 5-7 times the mana of Comet to use, and has a longer cool down. with Discordance, Meteor does 100% damage and you can use MA and EAC with it, and has a faster cool down with the same mana cost as Comet had. Comet now does 750% damage with the mana cost and cool down that Meteor had, and you can’t use MA and EAC with it anymore. also, the damage every .25 seconds that Meteor has stays with Meteor, and the Explosion that Comet has stays with Comet. this applies to all MH weapons affected by Discordance. the Hero skills still affect their respective skill. putting points into Comet doesn’t affect Meteor when using Discordance, it still affects Comet.


I dont think i came from brutal ) 1hit im sure the deadly came from sureshot (1 hit delete ) no chances / no debuff / no stacking / just pure 1 hit damage :facepunch::skull:


but that is only x2 crit damage. but still good. and your are right, you can’t have Brutal and Sureshot at the same time.


I forgot to mention that :D. Thanks! I did discover that myself but I wasn’t the only one or the first to discover it at all.


Still one thing puzzles me

Olympian build is a one shot build i respect that

but aside from rogue and wizard who are largely dependant on projectiles

How a warrior can use olympian build from afar?

All mh skills of warrior melee so you have to get into tons of cc and damage threats of the opponent :confused: (aka into the Fray)

So that i worry for warrior so much


Any skill can one hit, even not deadly striike, the advantage of barrage in wizard is directly to the enemy


eventually, every class will have an Olympian Build or 2. I think. maybe. who knows how they will do as A.I., but being controlled by the player, definitely a battle changer in the Arena. my pathetic farm build does ok in the Arena when I am in control, but so far, no matter how I tweak the A.I., barely a drop of Chests from the A.I. it just means new A.I. selections and play styles when the Olympian Builds start showing up in the Arena.


days have passed and still wont end up with the olympian build T_T


@lionex Scooty has been playing for years, and mentioned in the post, just had an idea, built it, tested it, shared a hint of it, took it away, and left it up to us to learn the game to the point that we have a chance to build our own Olympian Build. even the players who figured out a way to defeat the Immortal Builds took lots of time and testing to get that far. the players who actually created the Immortal Builds did a lot of testing over time to make them. I would say, enjoy the game, learn as you play, and experiment when you get ideas to see how to improve your gaming. even though I am still focused on Farming Builds, I am learning a lot of things that will help me when I start working on the Climbing and PVP builds. and then I will be taking a lot of lumps learning a whole new world of crafting that is different from Farm Crafting. :confused: :head_bandage:




@Mr_Scooty I had to look that up to understand it, and my reaction is :blush: x 100.
for everyone else, DQ was easy to play when I first got it, but a little hard to understand. as I played it more, I started to understand it better, but felt like I was slipping into the depths. I am doing better now in the shallow end of the DQ pool, and learning to survive in the deeper waters as I play more. I think it is the same for everyone. we all have different swimming abilities, and we all can improve our swimming abilities in the DQ Pool of Adventure and Arena.


I still don’t really understand the definition of “Immortal builds”.

Does this mean they can’t be killed or something?


@solid_ice8 Immortal Builds. when the Arena was first introduced to DQ, there were a few players who wondered what was possible. so they did tons of experiments and ended up making a total of 3 Immortal Builds, I believe. they can be killed, but it is not easy. if you search around the forums on the subject, it is explained why they were made, and the reasoning behind why they were left in the Arena for players to fight against. basically, some players like us spent a lot of gold, Crystals, Myth Stones, and time farming and crafting. the reason they don’t tell how to actually make them is to give us a chance to learn on our own. it was actually other players who came up with the Immortal Build name. hope this helps.


I see. I wsn’t aiming to copy it, I just wanted to know what it meant, but the way it sounds; it’s either unkillable or difficult to kill.

I remember seeing a few players beyond 500k hp and I would always draw or die with them.

However, I did manage something and was able to kill them once and for all. But then I made changes to it and I forgot how it was set previously, so I kinda lost that build :sweat_smile:.

That’s okay, I’ll figure it out lol.


I don’t have it bookmarked, but if you search around, you will find out who made the Immortal Builds originally. ok, found it. The Immortal Build - Our 2 Cents. guess I did have it bookmarked.


immortal build has low hp, high damage reduction and high regeneration rate. a perfect immortal build is still unknown.


I see. Well, I’ve been killing most mages with manashield + quick mp regen


wizard immortal build dont use manashield