Best single hit in battle arena = 1.60M


does using 4xWeaken(80% pvp weaken) good in increasing damage for pvp?


IIRC weaken cap is 24% in PvP


PVE CAP is now 200%

so for PVP 200*0.4= 80%.

it seems the weaken 24% is not useful if thats the case


Yes, Weaken was increased to 200 in patch 2.3. I am trying to remember if the cap changed accordingly. I can run some simulations later to see if it might be worth it.

I generally test something out if i have an idea. You can create new craft with 4x weaken affix and see if you get better result vs those players.


right now im using 2xCrit%+2xCritDMG crystals. but flawless victory lowers my crit. maybe 4xweaken is better :wink:


I responded to you in the damage reduction thread regarding PvP and weaken resists. :+1:


What’s your damage with the silence effect?


Is this real? When enter the arena?


I do not understand your question @_SpectralKnight silence is trophy effect. Other trophy effects are root and slow.

Yes it’s very real @goodlike10


I meant what was your “default” damage.
As when you are under the “silenced” effect you a forced to use the “default” skill.


Edit: The opponent silenced me but I rooted them.


Hmmm reckoned so…Thanks anyways.


One more question i have… is this olympian build just tuned for 1 single hit? Or does it perform well afterwards? I mean when you hit them if there is a sanctuary on opponent you are pretty much vulnerable :confused: this confuses me


As I have stated before, I will not release any information about the craft except the screen shot (s). You can formulate any assumptions you want. :+1:


it looks like if we want any answers to the Olympian Build, we need to find the answers on our own. there is a lot of help for those needing it in the Forums for DQ. the Olympian Build is something that we can all strive for, but we need to put in the time and effort to figure it out. no short cuts to get there. @Mr_Scooty shed some light in the Dark Depths of DQ, but the light is so deep, that until you get close, you can’t see the light. it was nice of him to share a picture of what he found, but it is like a treasure. he shared the existence of the treasure with us, but he didn’t want to make it easy for us to find the treasure, so it is up to us to find the way into the Dark Depths of DQ to find the Olympian Build Treasure.


Golem dude. Can i call u shakespear? When you speak it becomed a literature lesson 4 me .D


@Golem It is buried on a little island near Nova Scotia. Somewhere near 10X? :eyes:


It’s like ONE PIECE. We knew the existence but few knew what it really was.

Maybe @Mr_Scooty was part of Gol D. Roger’s crew.



i thought of this also. and i think that it would be vulnerable after the discordance cooldown. this build needs sanctuary too, because every affix is invested on damage maximization. i believe that if the olympian would encounter a chaser AI it would die easily.