Best single hit in battle arena = 1.60M


i like olympian build. . of my own . just read a codex carefully and repeat and think about the affix before you put into your gear. theres a trick how to make it perfectly to saved slots


olympian vs all kids of build ( ai ) = OLYMPIAN WINS.
dont know if barrage ai wins :roll_eyes:



Or if an opponent does not have full health then sureshot wouldn’t activate.
No Crit—>No Deadly—>Less Damage


I have No plans to place it in the arena… Like i stated before, I do not want to give anything away. I have to be careful if i test it since the copy ninjas are always waiting.


was this against bots?


It is versus an Eternal Division 1 opponent, is that your question?


I see


@Mr_Scooty love the video :arrow_up:. :eyes: :spy: :telescope: :satellite: :satellite_orbital:.


sureshot mythic will always crit on full hp opponents.
maybe his basic damage would be 1/6 of the sureshot damage(assuming max crit on pvp)


More interested in @Darkrai06 's build now.


Can i see your battle log stats :slight_smile: the total power you have :slight_smile: nice


I’m half way of your total damage. :smile:



You were paying attention. Good job.




Outstanding!! I have changed title of the thread to the highest damage ever achieved in DQ by you. You can go higher. :muscle::dizzy_face:


@Mr_Scooty Haunting Bonus sometimes appears not active on arena. known bug?

ah yeah… doesn’t appear as active AFTER battle.

it appears to be active BEFORE battle.

lol bugs.


Thanks @Mr_Scooty.


Damm, im jealous now :cry:
I stoped optimizimg my build because i was to lazy and bored of farming the crystals :frowning:
Big congrats for you buddy, it’s all abut one little thing that i can’t find …
i didn’t get over 1.4m and i don’t know what i can change …
it’s one little green affiz ore something but i don’t get it haha


Its not for raising ur quality on ur items



No bug. Look at second paragraph where I discuss when Bonus will be highlighted. Haunting bonus needs 16% Clearcast for 40% more damage.

The bonuses will highlight on the character you are controlling in the arena. After or during an arena match, go look at your gear with the bonus and it will be highlighted/activated. If you are using a bonus on a hireling in 2v2, the activated bonus will not show but it will be working, I have quoted that part of the second paragraph and the PvP bonus activation link is below the quote.