Best single hit in battle arena = 1.60M


You’re very welcome @PaNgaHazZz I am grateful you were paying attention two weeks ago. :eyes:


Yes. I’m really paying attention to your every post in this forum. I wouldn’t have thought of this build without you revealing anything. So, its all thanks you @Mr_Scooty.


Mr_Spooky that’s your IGN in arena am i right?


Spooky scary skeletons. Doot.


wow!!! you are in div 1 now @CuzegSpiked… active again?


yes. But i will change my build hopefully so I deal much more dps while still surviving. Im glad my build is still very much eternal ready, just the A.I wasnt gonna be great.
Arena seems to be more pleasant now, less cheaters , great challenges and fun. It hasnt changed much but it has changed so thats good. And anti immortal is a thing that i can go towards to. Im gonna try face Mr Scooty once again now and see how Aswang is.

Glad im top 10 div one though, relative ease.


i have been looking for some good pvp builds so this was kinda useful thanks


@CuzegSpiked get your build ready, @cronos4321 is headed back to arena.


Wait, cronos is back? This should be interesting, might start listening some more again haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Woah really! Now im excited xD. can’t wait to talk to him and play lol. This should be awesome.