Best way to farm gold?

Hi I’m struggling to make gold. Can someone plz advice me some of the best ways to farm gold.


I’m using this build :grin: or you can farm on floor 200 M3 map with at least +120% Pack Size affix. I get at least 600k+ gold per map. + loots too

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Should I always be farming with a hireling?

I basically have one build atm for my wizard. It’s just what I have recently found and slightly modified (nothing special) to farm as best as I can.

I’m farming lvl 200 elite 3, making about 400k per dungeon, but they are not the fastest of dungeon runs kappa

Plus I can’t afford to respawn if I die, so i just restart the floor again lel

I see alot of videos on youtube about hacking gold in campaign mode, is this allowed?

@ralfh please also what does this mean…pack size affix 120%? :joy:


No, do not hack please! It’s a bit hard from the start but you’ll get there.
Hm I think you should start improving your build first so you can finish Floor 200 M3 very fast. I also use wiz to farm :3 You can use Griffin’s Blightedswamp Build to start (+it’s an exp build :+1:)

For the pack size, I was talking about the maps that you can loot from cartographers or purchase on the shop. Use the crystal Larimar on the map until you get the pack size affix then use Diamond to roll it’s % into at least +120%. (Avoid getting TNT Props and Skyfall if you can :grin: ).

Farm. Repeat. Until you get good parts and improve your build again. Refer to Skaul’s Tips and Tricks to know which items to keep along the way.

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Hacking is an offense punishable by banning.



Thanks for all your help buddy!

Really nice :hugs::blush:

I wasn’t planning on hacking, just when u lose everything on Ur account. Life’s a bitch lel



May I also just ask do you know the CAPS for each stat like:
Critical damage, Crit chance, Haste, Weapon damage Etc ?

Also do u know which ones are rated better than others?

I will do my best to copy that farm build, appreciated :grin:

You can find out if a skill is capped by checking your stats pages. The values will change in coloration when they are capped.

Just take a look at some builds to figure out which ones are more important.

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Playing on second means you’ll be better then before. :+1:
You’ll see a lot of guide in this forum. Just don’t forget to search hehe

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Thankyou both!



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i think the dealer perk is my biggest source of gold atm. i just run to the cartographers on maps and take all the items, sell each bag for ~120k gold
mythic 3 helps alot. item quantity affix is also helpful if u want more items to sell. farming gold shouldnt be your main concern. you should be doing a balanced farming of xp, gold, crystals, mythstones, and rare legends from epic enemies

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Thanks for the tips!

Well I need gold so I can buy ascension. I keep all my gems and mythstones. I don’t need xp until I do that.

what is the defintion of “Pack Size”? what does it EXACTLY do?

Increase mob headcount. Higher +% means more mob count.