Best way to share build?

I’d like to share my build to crowd source improvements and suggestions. What’s the best way to do so? I play on an iPhone. How are people sharing screen shots and videos? For screenshots I’m assuming taking pics of my phone screen and uploading them like images or is there a better way? I have no ideas on videos.


There is no screenshot on iphone?

Yes there is. It’s the common home button + Power button configuration.

Same with other smartphones but there are also ways to screenshot using apps.

I screenshot DQ using Game Launcher tools from Samsung but not everyone uses Samsung. Also there are other ways to screenshot/methods.

So just upload screenshots for stills but how are people uploading game video?

Upload it on youtube, then post the link here.

How are people recording gameplay? Is there an app or native way to do so on iPhone?

Most use android but there is a way to do on iOS I believe?

YouTube gaming is one way to record. Also apps such as AZScreenRecorder , Bandicam , SCRPro , Mobizen , Phone screen recorder that was on the phone when bought , Google Play Games recording , etc.