Beta Feedback

I was playing Dungeon Quest on my Nexus 10 last night a wanted to mention a couple things I noticed.
First, the magic compass is pretty large. The arrow covers a noticeable amount of the playable area. Maybe it could be smaller - like half the current size?
Also, the character’s hat flickers showing his hair repeatedly. I can take a screenshot if you need. A video would probably be better but I don’t know of a way to record the screen on my tablet.
Along these same lines items on the ground will flicker in and out of view as you walk around until you pick them up.

Gameplay is fun so hopefully these type of graphical things can get cleared up as it goes forward.

Thank you very much for the info!

We’ve had a few reports of graphical glitches on the Nexus 10’s specifically and we’re looking into it as we speak! Will send out an update soon after we conquer this problem.