Bewilder only works on "normal" mobs?

I have an attack speed of of 3.78 and +3 to bolts (4 bolts), with Bewilder at level 22 (33% chance), in theory I should be stun locking all mobs , but it seems that I can never stun any other monster other than those “trash” mobs. Monster with affixes other than resist X (teleport,extra damage, extra fast, etc) never get stunned :frowning:

Is this meant to be so ? Seriously decreases the usability of this talent since trash mobs melt like butter anyway, its the teleporting, extra damage mob that is so damn scary…

There’s less chance to stun magic, rare, and epic mobs and no chance to stun bosses. However, we may tone down how much we’re reducing this chance by. We want the talents/skills to be useful. :smile: