Blessed nature / Talent and other Confusions

•Is it just me or Blessed nature/talent stats display is inaccurate? I tried using warrior and I have a huge amount of Armor rating but when I use Blessed talent my resists doesnt increase?

• I also noticed inaccurate display stats with Luck nature.

• I also noticed AIs on the arena can’t be rooted when I use my Bloodless spell.

• Some arena stage (ice mostly) has bumpy surfaces/ not flat and because of that my skill casting is not on the exact direction I want it to land. Is it intended and made that way? Because I really like the fire stage because the floor/surface is all clear and even…no pimples lmao

That’s all thanks for replying hehehe

About the root on bloodless victory. Have you ever heard of dispelled? You probably rooted them but they directly dispelled your root on them. :slight_smile: look to the combat log

On the icy arena I haven’t noticed those pimple bumps you said and it never affected my winning rate.

Hmm wasn’t quite sure if they used dispelled that time…i’ll check for that hehe.

About the ice arena I used rogue Flintlock that time. I guess it just really difficult to aim enemies at Pvp in arena especially I didn’t use +multi attack

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Still it was bumpy…:joy::v:

Now that I think of it I think it doesn’t show in combat log that the enemy use dispell what I mean was that you were able to place root in enemy( it will say “rooted for ?seconds”) but I’m not so sure lmao

I noticed a dispel skill being used in the combat log with other battles. And yeah it says Rooted in a light green color, i’m not sure though if it showed how many seconds it is rooted

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It never worked correctly or its description never was correct.

It is same thing to “of protection” nature: Instead of incrasing by %, it increases by flat values: 15 resist for blessed and 150 (?) for protection natures.

Blessed Talent - Every 400 Armor = 20 Resist (PvE) but in b PvP just 4 Resist per 400 Armor.
For me its effective. I have 400k Armor in PvE so I already have… _______ Resist + the All Resist stat. So what do you think. :joy:

As for Nature such as Proctection and Blessed, it is known BUG.

There’s a BUG in Arena when Im at Fire or Ice Stage and then use skill (es. Whirlwind and Charge) my character goes under the Arena or just lie down. Sometimes my Storm Skill Animation instead of STORM comes down, the STORM is going upward… And me just like WTF.

Thank you for reading…

No it’s not just you. I know this so well.