Blight doesn't proc on unique/legend/mythic boss/mobs

I was wondering why blight never proc on unique/legend/mythic bosses/mobs.
Is this intended or a visual bug?


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Can you get legend or mythic mobs?

a legend enemy will spawn when you kill 50 epic enemies. a mythic enemy will spawn after you kill 10 legend enemies. Don’t be confused about the bosses tho coz their title has “The Legend” with it but killing bosses is another feat and will not affect your progress for killing legend enemies.

if you have the accomplished perk, the epic enemies you need to kill in order for a legend enemy to spawn will become 38 and you only need to kill 8 legend enemies to spawn a mythic enemy.


Yeah, got that, I asked about mobs because the OP talked about legend/mythic bosses/mobs. I was just wondering why he mentioned the “mobs” part if we could only ever spawn 1 legend or mythic enemy at a time.

oh ok. maybe that’s why op put boss/mobs