Regarding the title, does that build still works in the current patch? The post was a bit old and I’m not sure if there are tweaks made to the build.

Thank you so much!

Do you mind sharing the link to the guide?

not sure if that build was made before or after Poison’s Toxic was nerfed, but here are some of the changes since the build was made.

Legend Elemental Critical is now +30% instead of +10%, so you only need one. can be rolled with Ruby.

Legend Glasscannon. on this build, you may as well get both to +50% for +100% damage and -100% HP (yes, you only have 1 HP now).

the Crystal +75% HP isn’t needed, since you will only have 1 HP. maybe make it a Crystal +30% Dodge?

since you have an extra space with only one Elemental Crit Affix, maybe have an Item with Epiphany for higher Crit Damage & Deadly Strike, considering you have the Rage Set. or any other Set or Affix that is beneficial for the build.

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