Blind..? out from map..? bug

Hey guys just wanna report something… my wizard eyes blind due to crushing a lot crate/woodbox

here what happen. i move my toon crushing a lot of crate/woodbox then suddently wizard blind.
Idk if this bug are the one that ppl say about.(teleport can make toon jump out from map) but i also read that the bug has been fixed. right.

Now my wizard blind… i need a donor for him… anyone.? lolol (this jk)

this real… what really happen.?

In all likelihood you used a teleportation skill When you first entered the map and you teleported through the wall. Or, this can happen on some devices that gram rate issues with the game (when the game runs “slow”)

like i said. i dont use teleport skill (shatter) i just ramp that box while moving. that box as i remember are located on edge of map. and the second one idk… im using samsung note for this game…

The pic clearly shows you are using SHatter. What causes this is that you went out of bounds and tried to walk back to to the “normal map”. When you do, your entire screen becomes like that. The is being looked into. THe devs are trying their best to fix it.

The sadlyt you don’t even need to be completely out of bounds. Just a small crater or something can cause this. From the colouring of the screen, it was probably an Ice map. They tend to have a lot of craters, towers and etc to cause this bug.