Blink Tank build?

Apparently that’s a thing? How does that work? My fire/bleed build isn’t doing terrible, but it’s not quite as effective as I was hoping, either.

Also, screw those triple whirlwind things that spawn on you and kill you instantly. My survivability I didn’t think was terrible, but those freaking one-shot me.

Edit: As I think I may have just been the victim of one… Can you combine that mythic that swaps CD/Cost of standard and special attacks with the gem that changes special? Allowing you to blinkstrike with an absurd base weapon damage like say… A chakram? Or do they just still use blinkstrike as the secondary and boomerang as the primary?

Just read the dictionary
About mythic discordance :laughing::laughing:
Amber crystal to change the special skill of MH ot OH

you need perseverance

Make a build tanky and give it teleports is about all I can tell you on that one

That is cerebral vortex it has been nerfed 3 or 4 times now but still needs a few and it will absolutely be getting them

And yes you can but it will not function with chakrams specifically because they will only be able too cast it twice before they are on a very long cool down :smile: