Blinkstrike does not work like the description says

I don’t know quite what to say about it, except that it could be a good skill if it actually worked as it says. Plain but simple truth is that it doesn’t. No multipliers like it says, elites apoear to be immune to it, and skill level of 40, you may as well use it as a 20% proc. At least that has been my observations. Please check your math. Thanks…

When you say immune, you mean that elite monsters take no damage from the attack?

Well they DO get stunned, but that is all they get. Damage bar doesn’t move one bit. One shot from my pistol does more damage than Blinkstrike to elites. Which is kind of sad since both my Blinkstrike and my ricochet is at skill lvl 20, and Blinkstrike is supposed to be 600% of MH damage.

epic+ enemies have high movement impairment resistances, js

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I wasn’t really referring to movement. I was simply referring to not doing any damage with blinkstrike. I mean a single shot from my pistols rips right through the elites, but the damage from Blinkstrike is like miniscule. Its no wonder nobody wants to use Blinkstrike as an attack. Im sure the math must be screwed up someplace.

Well, I didn’t get your point then, cause I’ve checked it and worked fine. Maybe was you facing enemies with “enemy immune” affix and you didn’t notice, also supposing you aren’t using ignore resist affix.

The description in the Blinkstrike skill clearly says, 600% of MH weapon damage, and I clearly am not getting it. I used to think it was because of daggers, but I now see Blinkstrike as the problem.

Maybe I should simply forget about trying to use Blinkstrike and use a different MH secondary. Apparently that is what everyone else is doing.

When I do an attack with Blinkstrike, I should be getting some kind of damage marker. But I’m not, only marker coming up is “stun”. I get a damage marker from shatter, but not Blinkstrike. I find that very odd.

Mind you its only against elites and pvp that this is happening. Against the little critters the results are significant. It works much like an area effect weapon. But mano e mano. Nadda, zip!

Stun works, damage doesn’t against elites.

hmmmm, could be an unintended item affix clash. I can try to reproduce this on my end, dm me your dq account email address and tell me what character I should test it with.

I will pull down the save game and see if I can get it to happen


Email sent…

I’m beginning to think players in general are avoiding Blinkstrike because of the very thing I mentioned. They simply did not bother to report it as a bug problem. Like my original assessment they may have thought it a problem with daggers.

Another reason they don’t use it because it isnt high hitting in higher floor or always good. It was the hot thing in PvP once upon a time but then damage reduction is high to the point where blinkstrike sometimes isn’t worth it.

I have seen some blinkstrike swap build in arena but that’s the exception and they can deal some damage.

That immunity you talk about is very strange though and if it was true alot , then yeah thanks for telling and reporting.

Its wierd, cause I just went in to the game again and attempted to Blinkstrike the elites. This time it worked, and did significant amounts of damage. Im scratching my head because there are only two major changes made between then and now. I changed pets, and I traded out rings. One was a proc ring. It could have been a proc call that was messing it up. When you are firing 8 rounds a second with 4 procs at 40% chance of executing. Any one of them could cause a memory hole where shit gets dumped quick.

Just thinking outloud

The ole memory IF then IGNOR statement. Keeps a lot of programs from crashing. Lol

I have your save game pulled down. I will have a look at it with stegier and we will see if we can figure it out.

How much overall damage you deal? Also if you dealt a billion damage somehow, will it still work. I could test this . Right now you don’t deal a billion damage I understand but still it is strange whatever the issue with blinksyrike. Have you tested on low floor and see if it can insta kill certain enemies and if you up the damage.