Blinkstrike proc bug?

As I was omnislashing(blinkstrike proc) in an ice map, i suddenly jumped into a pillar of ice because the proc targetted an enemy behind the pillar.

Moments later this happened to me, I cant get out via vault and the mini map is nowhere to be found.

Just wanted to report this one because I never saw an incident like this in 1.8.1. before.

Edit: I have reproduce this bug, this time on a boss map and instead of a pillar, now its the wall(the one with the pause).

Yup happened to me too.

[quote=“andrielley”]Yup happened to me too.

This bug should be fixed asap!

I dont want to change equips because of this.

Another thing that I notice when blinkstrike procs multiple times on a single enemy, the enemy suddenly goes into horizontal angle. Ill post an attachment later when I get a better pic of what I mean.

Edit: Nevermind the attachment :stuck_out_tongue:
Here is a screenshot where Ignis an I are fighting.

Like aatacking you in a diving position. Ahahh funny right…:smiley: