Blinkstrike proc vs skill?

I’m on my first ascension, only level 80 (180?). I’m also wondering what gear/items to keep, my packs are full of legend red gear. But thats for another thread.

I read in codex that the blinkstrike proc is 600% mainhand. (I play rogue btw) This is a 2 part question. First, does the proc from items and gear not take hero points into effect (as in 20 points in blinkstrike are better spent elsewhere)?? Secondly, I’m no math expert, is 600% of a dagger a waste of a proc/legend affix? (Dagger is usually a lower damage weapon compared to say a chakram)

Hero points affect proc. Try using reactor legends cux they have orb proc and orb skill affix. Saves testing resources, and respec.

  1. ya proc skill still affected by hero skill
    (if u inc ur blinkstrike ur blinkstrike proc will be affected too and inc)

  2. dagger still good w/ blink proc.
    u can go quickattack build w/ ninja affix and 1-2x blinkstrike proc(u will like be teleporting
    anywhere. just like yunero omnislash in dota2 lel)
    or u can do discordance(switch dmg cd cost of mh special and primary skill)build blinkstrike.
    ur blinkstrike cd wil be 0.5 sec.

about chakram (u can try using chakrambw/2x blinkstrike proc) or use chakram as mh then use squandrel affix (change ur mh primary to quickattack and special to blinstrike) @Umbriel

Well more like Riki having 0s Blinkstrike since Rogue Blinkstrike also automatically puts you behind the target. Sadly, you can get stuck in trees, on cliffs, in the river, on lava. :frowning: I should test if this has been fixed.

@Clogon i like yunero more haha but i think riki do describe it best lol

I forgot I already got the devs to fix the blinking into unpathable areas. It is safe to use now. XD

Thanks for the replies. The bit about changing weapons skills is still over my head. But it’s interesting to know…I recently got an eternal sudarshana with a lot of dps. But I also looted eternal poignard, hence the blink question. The poignard I looted has 40% proc.

u can use eternal shudarhana then add squandrel affix and ninja affix(enough to blink3x lol)