BlinkStrike Proc

I playing dagger rogue on arena, i am using vial for blinkstike, also i have blinkstrike proc on my chest item. So when i use blinkstrike to get close to enemy and in this moment blinkstrike proc, i moved further behind the enemy. This thing make me crazy, because istead of shorting distance, i rasing it… And i lost so much becuase of it.
But on other hand if blinkstrike procs from other sourse, its work ok, i teleport to enemy as it said in tooltip.

Thank you for your bug report. Noted!

Yes, this is what ruins my blinkstrike + smokebomb combo in the arena :frowning: hahaha

for me it’s good hahahaha
try to blink first if it goes double blink(Blink strike + Blink strike proc)
you will have enough distance to kill your eney
im sure you’ll get use to it

if double blink strike procs, i miss my smokebomb. LOL

im using vial :3 i stealth proc blink strike

i have 75% blinks strik proc :3 and have sa sureshot mythic on chest but in Arena Blink strike proc scales down