Block on Wizard

I asked this one quickly in the questions thread, but I thought it deserved an own topic.

I was told that block only works on warriors. But:

  • Yesterday I purchased an epic orb, and it had block chance on it.
  • Some time ago I jaspered a shield with block to orb, and when equipped (my orb before that didn’t have any defensive stats on it) my damage reduction in the Defense tab went up responding to the block chance on the (now) orb.

So does block work on other classes? Is block/dodge nerfed at highter floors?

And another question: I noticed I have 10% dodge on my wizard without any evasion natures/insight/points in dexterity. After an ascension my equip was clean also, but I still have the 10% dodge… anyone an idea where that comes from?

Thanks, Mid :kissing_heart:

Hero Point Dexterity at 20?

Oh u get that 10% free dodge since you start the game so you will always have 10% dodge without any buffs or anything and that apply for every class. It’s the same as how people of any class get free 1.5% crit dmg and free 10% crit chance so when I place crystal 45% crit chance, I get 55% crit chance too quickly and if I place say 225% crystal crit dmg, the value would not be 225% exact, it would appear as 226.5% on stat page.

After 20 dexterity, your dodge goes up by another 10% and so there you have it 20% dodge with barley any effort.
After that, if you put crystal affix dodge, you will see that your 20% dodge turns into 50% at maxed crystal affix. The remaining 10% dodge can either be filled by nature or by another dodge affix or if your a rogue, by adding power points. Dodge is incredibly easy to nearly max out. For block, I noticed that I gain a 10% increase if I put shield on because I didn’t notice block on other weapons equipped. Also with that free 10% or no free block, add 45% crystal block and you will get 45% or 55% block. To further max block out, either an epic affix or bulwark talent.

Dodge is very good for insight, dextrous talent for rogue, pathfinder for any class in any dps build whether for sky reduction or increase as well as arc dodge and other amazing stuff that activates on dodge
Block is a mechanism that has chance to nullify attacks and is still great. What goes good with block is the bulwark talent for more block, reflect for reflect dmg without being hurt, one of the chest mythics mirrored I believe, crush to increase shield dmg and salvation for dmg reduction. Block is very powerful survival skill especially with dodge. You can only get block on offhand if you apply with obsidian but if you find crystal legends or legends, you can find block on any piece like a head called revenge and a ring called frost raven as epic or crystal affix.

To answer your last question: block and dodge doesn’t get nerfed at high floor and they are a big asset in high floor.

Block should only work on warrior. It used to work for all classes until it was changed in one of the previous patches. However, for some reason, I tested it now, it seems it is still working for wizard but not for rogue.

I thought block and dodge get scaled down as you increase floors!? I know I read that somewhere but can’t remember where. That’s huge news if I trusted the wrong source.