Blood magic and consequences


i am wondering how to use well bloodmagic (i will wrote BM after).

1 : is Equivalence works well with it? (it averages HP and MP) But as BM replace MP by HP does it averages it naturally or just do nothing?
And so is the consequence of Equivalence (and Equality) as adding XYZ from your HP/MP equality works fine (because no more MP so HP = HP) or do it adds 0 (MP = 0 and HP = XXX)?
I tend to think they are not compatible but…

2 : If you use empower, how the HP reduction works? Does it works against initial HP or final HP (ie HP = 200, MP = 20.000 so BM => 20.200. With 50% empower do you have 20.100 or 10.100 HP)?

3 : (for developpers) is the BM as set affix can be obtenable via Amethyst? As now all legends who had previously BM no longer have it. Right now items already in inventory still have BM as set affix but will it be removed (or replaced by its mythic counterpart)?

ps : some are already asked question but they are old questions (and gameply evolves)

You can only have 1 resource mythic/set affix. The other resource won’t work.
As far as I know bloodmagic gets the priority in that scenario.

Resource mythic/set
Blood Magic

More Info

I don’t use wizard much but as far as I know it’s application is last so 10,100 HP

It can be attained via amethyst :smile:

Do not worry though! We are not removing the old Bloodmagic set. You can still get it via the Amethyst Crystal. Your current items with it will remain the same too. But if you are collecting those Bloodmagic Eternals, do so while you still have the chance.

It’s on the link I posted here.

Many thanks

I did non know BM was a ressource :wink: