Blood Magic or Effective?

Why would you choose blood magic over effective?

i dont like effective at all. maybe is cause i use high weaken %. but it seems to not play well at all with weaken. honestly, ive had cases where it felt about as innefective as full white gear on f500.

maybe its just me.

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When you have blood magic on is it just healing effects? or does it merge mana and heath (regen, maximum, and leech) into one bar? Like i just don’t really see a point to it other than maybe in a tank build

well… it could be useful if you had 100k health and only 1500mp

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why not both?

if you have 100 HP, and 10,000 MP, Blood Magic will make it 10,100 hp. you will only be able to use HP recovery affixes. you should do a search on Blood Magic, as there are a lot of builds that use it. I think you can only use one Blood Magic at a time, so you can only use the Set or the Mythic. I think one reason people use it is that you only have to worry about HP, instead of both HP/MP. plus, there is a damage bonus based on your missing HP. one big downside is double cost for skills, but there are affixes for that.

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