Blood Magic

If I have an item with blood magic set affix. Can the mythic resource system(except blood magic) will work?

Never tried, but Alchemy says “Only 1 resource sytem effect will be active”.
(oh i guess official editor forgot a “s” about “system”)

The blood magic set affix didn’t mention any resource system.

The question question is “Does resource system only refers to mythic blood magic and not include the set blood magic?”

That mention doesn’t exist in dictionary but in codex-mythic-purple indications.
If u compare bloodMagic set with bloodMagic mythic in dictionary, u will find they are the same thing.
So resource system refers to “bloodMagic set” “bloodMagic mythic” “alchemy”…

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Blood Magic Set is considered a Resource just like the Blood Magic Mythic (they work exactly the same), so it can’t be used with any other Mythic Resources. I actually tried it with Equivalence once before I knew about this limitation.

if you read old posts for Patch Notes, Blood Magic Set was made to work the same as Blood Magic Mythic a little while after BM Mythic came out.

the only reason to use Blood Magic Set is if you want Mythic’s on all of your Items and don’t want any of them to be a Resource Mythic. or you just want an unique Build.

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Thanks man