Blood Magic

I am new to this game, only been playing for like a day, and I was interested in the Blood Magic option. What I am trying to find out is which is better, the Mythic affix or the set affix at +5? I have searched for the answer but no one seems to know for sure.

They actually function the same now, so you’ll check out the Mythic description to see how it works :slight_smile:


thank you so much

Well the commonly used blood magic is usually the mythic because it saves set slots as well. They are both similar Though.

Mythic version: does the thing where all mp stuff are replaced by Hp stuff with doubled spell cost and the other effect is increase dmg then divide by 1.25% of missing hp.

Set version: same thing with double spell cost and mp components replaced with Hp components except it increases dmg by 80% of missing hp.

Thanks for clarifying that both work the same @SteigerBox . A more accurate description of blood magic mythic is check codex or wiki. Also the (5) on blood magic set I believe isn’t worth it because I never saw any change in the percentage in the description.

i checked the codex, and both said they increase dmg by 80%missing hp, so it would be better to use the mythic one since you won’t get any bonuses even if you get bloodmagic set to 10…

All in all, it turns your blood to magic.

Spooky. :confused:

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