Blood Magics interaction with Balance?

Hi there all! I have attempted to find the answer on the board, as well as using my google-fu. I failed miserably…my question is this…how do blood magic and Balance work together? Balance itself makes a huge difference in my “resource pool”, and blood magic makes my warrior a nonstop whirling dervish of awesome. My characters are still low level (warrior is 50, my wizard hireling is 61) and both are around dungeon level 80. With both together I tear through everything up to mythic 1, but above that the time it takes to clear a level is atrocious. Anyways, my warrior currently has 3 pieces of balance gear, and 1 (sad face) blood magic gear. As I mentioned the balance gear gives me a hell of a boost in my resource/life with blood magic. But are there effects I don’t see from balance (cool downs, resource costs) being applied? Thank you for your time everyone, I appreciate it!

In the dictionary, your total hp/mp equality formula is shown. The two sets are not compatible.

Ah, I didn’t realize the dictionary had that information! Thank you for the reply. I had read that any changes to your pools (+hp%, +mp%, etc) applied BEFORE blood magic did it’s thing. I figured that balance would apply before the change as well. Again, thank you for the reply, and I am going to have to look at the dictionary a bit harder, instead of just looking at the legendaries! :smiley: