Bombard or cosmic orb?

What should i use bombard or cosmic orb

Depends. What’s your build? Cosmic Orb has higher MH DMG.

Depends on the build really. Bombard is typically meant for in your face people, ie blinkstrikers and usually being tanky is best for it, or tank builds that keep going in your FACE!

cosmic orb, depends really. It does quite alot more dmg in comparision to bombard because of the amount of ticks per attack. cosmic orb does 350% MH dmg on stat page, same on bombard on stat page. To be more effective, cosmic orb should be spammed usually. It is pretty good for pvp if skilled with it. bombard is still good but is more dependant on certain builds.

It does boil down to preference sometimes though as well.

Cosmic Orb does 300% MH, Bombard does 250% MH.

I know that, even the stat pages show correct info.

In patch 2.0, I remember cosmic orb showing 350% MH dmg and Bombard same 350% on stat page but that obviously must have been a visual glitch or something had I known.

Thanks for advice. Where i can find a good items like nadroji to have +2 all sets

Just look in your LegendEx. Just note the difficulties and other requirements. Powerful enemies are Epic and above enemies.