Bonus question

Please tell me that you can use more than one bonus afix equip at a time if not domt even tell me lol

Yes. You can have two Nadroji set bonuses active if on different items :sunglasses:

you can have a bonus on every item, but you would have to activate all of them for them to be useful. the Seven Deadly Sins Items have a Set Bonus on every item and the Merlin Imp, and they all have a Set Curse also. so 7 Bonus’s active at the same time if you have all seven SDS items & pet.

Bonus’s that require 2 or more Set Affixes to activate means you would only be able to have 3 of these on a Build. 3 pair of Equipment with the same Set to activate the Bonus’s. Bonus’s with other requirements could be used to get up to 6 Bonuses. Bonus’s on the same item, like the Head, can’t be used together, since you can only equip one Head item at a time.

if you are talking about a PVP Build, it is actually easier to get multiple Bonus’s on a Build. a Bonus that need 2 items with the same Set affix in PVE only needs one item with a Set affix in PVP.

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