Boom 4million DPS

Well I thought 3mil was amazing but hell I just hit 4.43mil.

The power shine is just insane when you get it.

Keep up the great work guys and Merry Christmas!!!

Lol? How much health/mana do you have. I have 0.43M dps…

urlaub fürs gehirn

I am a warrior. I have no mana, I use the blood magic set piece. I am thinking about dropping it if new content requires better d. I think i have 12k hp

Nice… holy hell man. Lol. I was up to 3.76 with power shrine. But that’s with my wizard. Granted, I still have to make my robe. But dang. Congrats! I’m at 18k hp with 3.76m dps. (3.03 no shrine) plus 2 bolt chance that are minused on paper And a skull offhand with minion spawn and extra skulls. I can’t hope for much more. But I’m doing fine. But 4m… lol. Wow.

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