Boost price wrong?

All boosts are 0.99$ in store. Considering that shinybox is american and I am german, I dont know how the price should be after tax in euros. Anyways, those are 2 screenshots of the confirm screen. First one is pack size and second is crystal find:

As you can see there is a 26 cent price difference between those two. How come?

Thanks for this heads up! I just checked this on our end and I think what is happening/has happened is that when we add in a new item like this Google does this: " auto-convert the default price based on today’s exchange rate and tax rates (if applicable). "

They set the price of the items based off of the exchanged rate of the DAY the item was created. They also include tax amounts based of of that current days adjusted tax rate.

We don’t control either of these items on our end as they are done automatically.

What I did however was just go through each of the different items and recalculated them based off of Today’s rate (well…as of 5 minutes ago anyway).

This should* stabilize the price across the board for similarly priced items.

Thank you very much for pointing this out to us, to be honest with you this was something that I was not aware of!

So is the tax rate included in the price or is it added onto it? In Europe taxes are always calculated into the product price (buying a banana at the supermarket that has a pricetag of 99c means you have to pay 99c and not like in the US where you would have to pay 99c + tax amounting to something higher) This might confuse european players as the peice they habe to pay is higher than the the price set by you in the shop, if that makes sense.

Yes it is inclusive of the tax price. So when you press the button that says .99 (as priced in the US) it would then open the Google pricing page (as shown in the images above). In US (specifically in Texas where our tax rate is 8.25%) the Google pricing page would show $1.07 it so that tax is included in the overall price.

We don’t have a way of dynamically showing the price with tax in our game since it only shows the value of USD. (making a note of this for our other projects)

I just opened the shop and now its 1.11€ per boost! Are you sure that’s correct? With the rate of 1$=0.94€ it should be less, even with taxes. Do you know if there is some kind of “tax” that google adds to the purchase price? When you are in the app, how much does a boost cost for you? (in $)

EDIT: the pay message says it includes a VAT of 0,18€ maybe they apply german tax, which is 19%, so that would maje sense.

The tax table in the the US is different for each state. I don’t have anything more than a cursory understanding of worldwide tax tables…but this is what the applied tax table looks like for Germany:
The germany line lists: EUR 1.11 and incl. 19% tax

Here is how the process works on our end: (Google please forgive me if I am explaining stuff I shouldn’t be)
When we add an In App Purchase product to our app we have to fill out several things:

  1. Title (this is the name…in this case "HUNTER BOOST)
  2. Description (we get 80 characters: “INCREASE ENEMY SPAWN BY 100% AND MAGIC FIND RATE B 100% FOR 1 HOUR OF PLAY” - 75 characters)
  3. Pricing (this is where things get…complicated)
    USD 0.99
    Auto Price Conversion. This will set local prices for other countries. Auto-Convert’s the default price based on “today’s” exchange rate and tax rates (if applicable)

I can either auto convert the prices using the google tool which will take Todays rates and apply them. Or I can manually look up all 86 forums of currency, convert each USD price to a local currency (for all 86) then look up the tax rates (for all 86) and apply that rate as well.

I chose to go with Auto-Convert Prices.

It then will recalculate all 86 prices based off our our current USD price (.99) and then apply the tax rates that the Google Tax Tables provide.

All that is automatically done and applied.

The reason some of the prices were different is because they were added a different times and had different auto converted prices based on the given conversion rate on the day the IAP was added.

I hope that offers some transparency to how those prices are generated.


Thanks for the explaination! I was just wondering because all large companies (gameloft, blizzard…) had their prices equal to their descriptions, but now I get that its not that easy XD

Yup! That is 100% completely possible to do and we will be doing that with our products moving forward.