Boss' - all bugged

Yes, all of them. If a player has about 1% HP leach at all he can stand in front and just pressing ATK button.

It’s seem like boss gives you HP and MP leach boost.

On normal floors I have such a great healing only if I’m hitting large group of monsters.

And the Devourer. He is no longer firing bolts around. Only from time to time. When he’s doing “the wave” he’s firing one of them. And when he’s moving around, he can deal DMG and push me, even if he’s far from me

Thanks for the report, we have that fixed on our end but are waiting for fixes to release another update!

The random firing bolts change was intentional, and we also updated the twisters to path the entire floor to compensate. The fight was a little bit unforgiving for melee.

The sensors on the boss might need to be tweaked as well.