Bought Pet Does Not show in Inventory

Love the game. Decided to pay my first real money to get rid of the ads and so went with the king imp pet. Says it went to inventory but is not there. Checked several times and yes there is plenty room. Also saved up for stash and grabbed first slot of that to see if it ended up there. Nope. from main startup screen I click the button that says “Restore Purchase” and it tells me “Pet Successfully Purchased and Placed in Your Inventory” so it knows I bought one, but it doesn’t work. So I got no ads now but no pet. Please help. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Check this Screenshot I took, I hope this helps you on your problem!

Thanks … perfect!

@cyberyeti did your issue get taken care of?

Please help me now

Well you could start by creating youre own thread and actually describing the problem in more detail than “help me.”

Or, if its a similar problem to the OP here, then you could contact support like they did.

There, I helped. :smile: