Bow arrows seeking Furies that is still in mid air is kind of annoying

bow arrows has a bug where it targets Furies (monsters that falls from the sky) even when it actually had not landed yet and still on mid air. these arrows just sticks into the position of landing, attacking nothing. the reason is that furies are already considered an entity even if it has actually not landed and spawned yet, and therefore is targetable already by seeking attacks.

in higher levels where hp is kind of useless since you just get one hit deleted by monsters anyway, i think it is important that my attacks reaches monsters that are actual threat before they can attack rather than those falling furies still on mid air and have not yet actually spawned.

i just wish this bug is not really intended and will be fixed soon, since is the major reason of my deaths, especially on maps that has a lot of furies (and since i also glascannoned the hell out of my health). instead of targeting monsters on the act of attacking, the arrows just seeks the position of nearby falling furies and sticks there until it just disappears. i die because i cant kill the actually spawned enemies sooner since my arrows always go apeshit and begins attacking nothing. this is very annoying especially since furies only falls and spawns directy above your position, and therefore is the nearest and the first target of your arrows

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This isn’t a bug, it’s a game feature, lmao. Using this feature I made my current avatar

well if it is indeed a feature then its not a helpful one lol

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falling furies has taught me to move out of the way FAST! and I get the same problem with skull shield.

True. Furies really aren’t that hard. You just have to learn to dodge basically and adapt your builds to them. I’ve seen successful bow builds here and other builds that did well, even with tons of Fury’s.

what i mean is that, im fine about it being an ambush type, falling from the sky when you never expect it. that is what that monster is made for. no problem with that. but the ability to aggro the fuck out of all attacks even if its has not fully spawned yet, i just dont think its supposed to do that.

its not so much of an issue for me tho. i just really thought its an in game bug since i am pretty much new in the game and it looks like unusual to me (and also, its very annoying). but i guess i just have to change my playstyle if it was indeed an intended feature lmao

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Arc mythic does the same thing sometimes…
It fires, but what it’s firing at hasn’t hit the ground yet, so it’s a wasted arc…

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