Brb buying a lottery ticket

Has anyone else seen one of these maps yet?

For me, it dropped as a reward for finding 25 maps, needless to say i’m pleased

Edit : 7 legendaries, 3 eternals from that map, feelsgoodman

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Yes, they do drop sometimes.

cool bro, also got one, reserving for later

yes that is eternal map

good Job man i got 10 of that

Nice job iv still not had one drop):

use eternalized @Nightbladejay when killing carto hope this will help you to get eternal map :smile:

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I do and just got this hehe

my first one so happy :smiley:

Lots loot :slight_smile:

congrats :smile: nice loots you got there keep it up theirs more to come just farm farm farm

Ooo yes been farming for while now and my farming build which I’m doing is nearly made :smiley:

thats good to hear good work mate :smile: