Break Destructibles Loot Imp Bug

I don’t know if it’s an intended feature, so I’ll just report it as a bug.

Bug description: Character(player and hireling) owned loot imps transmutes items together with the Feat reward loot imp.

Bug occurs when character owned loot imps begins the transmuting animation while the feat reward loot imp spawns. After the character owned imp finishes the animation and spawned an item, it then syncs with the feat reward loot imp and begins transmuting items. This results to 2-3 loot imps spawning items at the same time, with the character owned imps obviously not working as intended, imo.

It can also occur post feat reward imp transmutation, e.g. Character owned imp collects the spawned item from the feat reward imp, then starts syncing with it.

Occurred 2/4 times when I tried to duplicate the bug.

Platform: iPad mini iOS 7.1.2