Breaking the 1 mil dps barrier

Ok so I’ve been searching the forums for pics of gear related to builds that top a 1 mil dps. I’ve seen weapons with really low dmg which perplexes me a ton. I spent a while rerolling and replacing epic stats, getting various +dmg and +%dmg on each gear, trying to get more crit chance and dmg and still my best is 700k-900k dps. Been farming cs/ms more than getting above dungeon lvl 311 where I’m currently sort of stuck. Looks like all of my dmg boosts leave me as a glass cannon without the GC affix :frowning:

One thing I am noticing that every uber build has 2x +2 sets mythstones. I’ve been farming like mad and blow most of my gold converting crystals and mythstones and still haven’t gotten all that close to getting ONE of those mythstones. I’ve definitely not once seen it already on any gear dropped, nor gotten it in any roll/reroll. As for obsidian crystals… I’m a little over halfway to my first crafted one, and that’s taken a couple hundred hours so far. I even banked 20 mil gold before 1.8.1 released and bought a few of those 5.45 mil gold merchant crystals. I know this game is about the long grind, actually like it for that, but damn if it won’t take me months of getting in p00p from the wife for playing too much to get near this build.

It seems as though I’ve plateau’d where if I want to do enough dmg to survive lv 200 mythic 3 I have to be a glass cannon/all affix +dmg build, as having enough defense to survive any hits makes my dps too low to kill many bosses. Also makes average monsters into tanks with My dps only 300k.

Someone pls point out if I’m wrong. If not, how can I get those “+2 sets” affix any quicker?

Farm for Nadrojis Ring + Necklace, they have +2 All Sets on them. They may be rare, but it pays off in the end. :smile:

  1. Compound effect. Multiplications > Additions. Also do not play on any difficulty unless you can 1 shot them or have enough dps to kill them in split seconds.

  2. farm items. There are legendaries thay give them to you. Get 200% Item Quantity Affix on both yourself and your hireling and farm. Go to to the highest floor on the lowest difficulty to farm Legends and floor 101 on highest difficulty for Gold/CS/MS.

Could you share some screens or a video with your current stats and items. I guess some skilled players would give you a targeted advice… i mean max profit with as small cs/ms investments as possible

What skill are you using? 1M dps should be easily obtainable with probably only epic gear.

Could you share some screens or a video with your current stats and items. I guess some skilled players would give you a targeted advice… i mean max profit with as small cs/ms investments as possible[/quote]

You may post the stat and items of hireling as well.
Have you used Blood Magic set affix?

How many Hero point do you have?
The following attributes may help you in killing and survival:
The attribute +23% in Twister Proc (If you have spend some hero points in twister)
The attribute +23% in Storm Proc (If you have spend some hero points in storm)
100% to 200 %Blistering/Frostbite… depend on element you use
+10% to 20% in immolate/freeze
Set affix Blood Magic, Plagued
hp leech/ mp leech

Legend pet may have set affix that helps in dps and survival

Your hireling should be tough (do not use glass cannon on hireling) as hireling is too brave

screenshots taken w my phone are too large

Host them on imgur, photobucket and whatnot then link them here. My hireling with mainly Luck and Goldfind affixes deal 8~42mil damage per scattershot so it highly depends on your build and gears.

The AI is stupid and likes to spam specials hence why my hireling is built like that.

I think you could upload to an image hosting site like photobucket.

I do not know if screenshot can be affected by the dimension setting of camera of the phone.
If you know to use a free Photo Editor like Gimp, you can crop the weapon figures screen and scale down the dimension of image by 50%. The final image size can be under 140k.

My main (Warrior)


Hope this works.


For example: 600kb in total after cropping.

Only one of it in original size has 1,4mb on my phone.

Yeah those are nice but exactly what I’m talking about. It’s going to be a long time before I will have gear like that. Been farming hundreds of hours, plugging through lvl 101+ mythic 3 and haven’t seen a single thing drop with +sets or anything nadroji. That gear is Uber compared to mine

Sorry goofed the warrior link

I’m sorry, this wasn’t intended as a show off, I just wanted to share the screenshot to give an example to some players an idea of cropping images :smile:

How did u edit them all onto one image?

But the problem is that the gears you posted have no +Luck. Only nadroji accessories have +set. You are on the right track to maximize the chances of getting it but with 0 luck, your chances of getting them are halved. Don’t give up. Rubik, one of the other testers, took a month to get his.

First and for most decide on what you want. As you stated, +2 Set is a must have. There are only 3 ways to get it, Nadroji accessories, get lucky with rank 18 crystal Ruby, or get rank 20 Mythstone Zenith. luckily, the way you are farming 101 mythic 3 is the best way to get all 3. You just need to maximize your build for farming.

First, change your hireling to a warrior. This will make it so that ONLY warrior items drop, greatly increasing the chances of finding good gear for your main char. Second, make sure you have high Goldfind, Luck and Item quantity on BOTH your main char and the hireling. 3rd, allocate your skill points better. You do not need 20 Strength and 20 Intellegence. Bloodmagic + Leech + HP potions are more than enough to have unlimited resources.

All sound advice. Although I do have some luck with nature’s on the gear, I’m afraid to remove dmg affix for luck and be left underpowered. Regarding the 20 str and it, I did it for the hp def and resists. Figured a natural max on those was a decent choice, especially since there are many posts saying max health is key (299 for warrior for the passive def bonus). I figured just dumping more into str was a solid choice. I can respec it no prob, would you suggest 10 in each?

Well that didn’t work so well. Switched to mage main warrior hired and he dies as a hireling more than the mage did. On 101 mythic 3. Have to get back to work but I’ll try again later with mythic 1 or legend floor 101.

Well you need to lvl him up first. XD what do you expect from a lv1 char? :stuck_out_tongue:

You do not need any points in STR/INT. Plague takes care of Armour. The regen is useless compared to leech/Prayer. And the HP boost is not enough to missout on 2x damage on X skill.

I recommend giving Horn OH and Prayer talent on your hireling. He will spam sprint and will never have low HP.